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Fifteen years after Columbine rattled America to its core, people still get shot while they’re at school. People get shot while they’re at work. People get shot eating. People get shot drinking. People get shot watching movies, shopping, driving, swimming, skipping, and playing baseball. It’s 2014 and in America, people get shot doing basically any goddamn thing you can think of.

Columbine, 15 years later

Scary, but true.

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Love Jon Stewart.

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On Wednesdays we hike!




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Stephen King, Night Shift


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Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

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Mmmm coffee

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Can’t wait for the new Game of Thrones tonight!!!

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Now that I work as a freelance writer, I just realized I can color my hair however I want!! Or paint my nails wild colors…or get sleeved. The possibilities are exciting!

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Never give up the ganja.
Morgan Freeman

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Yay Friday!!

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