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Ah, the life of a freelance writer…

one day I don’t have nearly enough work and the next day I’m overwhelmed with so much I may actually have to turn some down!

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One more thing I love about being a freelance writer? Meetings are online. So nice to sit in my jammies and sip on coffee while we discuss projects. :)

Late night writing is one of the best things about going freelance.

I’m slightly mercenary. I write for money.

Frederick Forsyth

Today is my first day as a freelance writer!!

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Enjoying my once-a-week vanilla latte and counting down the hours until my weekend starts. Happy Friday!!

I used to be friends with Miles Davis. He didn’t like many folks. I lived across the street from him. He would call me up sometimes — ‘I got some fish I wanna cook up for ya.’ I went up there, and he was on a couch, looking out the window. He was just rapt. I said, ‘What’re you watching, Miles?’ He said, ‘The traffic. Where are all these motherfuckers goin’?’

Rip Torn

Sometimes I wonder that exact same thing.

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Chart Source 1

Chart Source 2

That red line is corporate profits since 1970. The blue line is labor’s share of income. As you can see, corporate profits are skyrocketing while labor’s share of those profits is falling. This is a big part of the reason that median wages are stagnating even as the economy grows and the wealthy become ever more fabulously rich.”

John Oliver’s segment about this was fantastic.

The more you know.

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Writing is a tricky balancing act, juggling dozens of nebulous constraints.
Harvard Business Review, Kyle Wiens

(Source: The Huffington Post)

I have a feeling this is how I’m going to look driving home today. Ugh, some days are harder than others…

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Exactly how I feel today.

Exactly how I feel today.

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Back to it.

Back to it.

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